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Fast Tracking  

Fast-track construction is a scheduling technique in construction project management that may be associated with design-build, construction-manager-adviser, construction-manager-constructor.


[1] Fast-track construction reduces the project time by overlapping the project design and construction phases.


[2] The idea of fast-track construction was reportedly developed in 1960s.


[3] The concept of fast-track construction can best be visualized in the comparison of concrete versus steel material choice for a multi-storey building. In the latter case, high investment costs and the requirement to recoup expenditure through the building's income, combined with the nature of concrete construction (relatively slow) may require construction to start prior to all information (such as top floor design parameters) becoming available. In this sense, design changes could potentially cause problems in the latter stages of construction. As a comparison standpoint, "fast-build" construction takes advantage of the reduced build time associated with steel construction, thus making it convenient for a frame to be erected after all design procedures have been completed. Both of these construction project-management styles, if applied to exactly the same building plan and elevation status, could potentially result in project completion within the same time period. However, the latter would have a reduced risk of design changes affecting overall project success.


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